About SPOF

We are a small, family-owned urban orchid farm located right near the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  Our inventory consists of orchids in all stages of growth, from seedlings to full-size specimen plants.  We also grow a variety of orchid compatible plants, and other unusual tropicals.

Most of our collection consists of plants in the Cattleya Alliance (including Brassavola, Encyclia, Schomburgkia).  We also grow Intergeneric hybrids, Dendrobiums, and a variety of other unusual genera.

We are open by appointment only. Call 727-201-8264 to schedule a visit.  Please keep in mind that same-day appointments are rarely available, so please call in advance.

Also we host a monthly open house the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm.

Hope to see you soon!
Doug & Mike